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Full Time Faculty

Dr. KoteswaraRao Anne

Dr. Ashwini Deshpande
Associate Dean & Professor
School of Pharmacy & Technology management
Qualification: M. Pharm. Ph. D.

Dr. Abhilash Ponnam
Associate Professor
Specialization: Analytics
Qualification: PhD in Management

Mr. Aaron Abhilash Yegudala
Assistant Professor
Specialization: General Management and Marketing
Qualification: MBA, UGC Net, PhD(Pursuing)

Dr. Anup Raj
Associate Professor
Specialization: Marketing
Qualification: Ph.D., PGDRM, B.Tech

Dr. Ashish Kumar Biswas
Assistant Professor & Program Chair - SoC
Specialization: Marketing
Qualification: PhD., MBA, MSc

Ashique Ali K A
Assistant Professor (Finance)
Specialization: Accounting and Finance
Qualification: Ph.D (Thesis Submitted), M. Com, UGC – NET and JRF

Ms. Bhagyashri Rathod
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Medicinal Chemistry
Qualification: M. Pharm.

Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
Specialization: General Management.
Qualification: Ph.D., UGC-NET, MBA, M. Com, PGDIBO, BCS, BA(ELT) & BEd

Kanchan Bhausaheb Salgar
Assistant Professor

Dr. Kotigari Reddi Swaroop
Assistant Professor - SoC
Specialization: General Management
Qualification: Ph.D., M.Sc, M.B.A, NET

Mayank Singh
Assistant Professor - SoL
Interest Areas- Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, International Law
Qualification- B.A. LL. B (Hons.), LL.M., UGC-NET, PhD (Pursuing)

Dr. Molly Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor - SoC
Specialization: Marketing
Qualification: Ph.D., MBA, SET(AP&TS)

Muhammed Niyas
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mubashir Hassan
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Accounting & Finance- SoC
Qualification:, JK SET, Ph.D

Dr. Mukta Agrawal
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmaceutics
Qualification: M.Pharm, Ph.D.
World’s Top 2% Scientists by Sandford University

Mukkawar Vinayak Vasantrao
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Image Processing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Dr. Narender Vunyale
Associate Professor
Specialization: Finance
Qualification: Ph.D in Corporate Finance (Osmania University), Junior Research Fellowship and National Eligibility Test conducted by the UGC

Mr. Nishit Tandra
Assistant Professor (Law)
Specialization:Public Law and Legal Theory
Qualification: B.A., LL.M, Pursuing Ph.D

Dr. B. Padmapriya
Associate Professor
Specialization: Finance and Accounting
Qualification: Ph.D., MPhil, FCMA

Dr. Prakash Chandra Jha
Assistant Professor - Political Science
Specialization:Federalism, Fiscal Federalism & Foreign Policy, Sub-national Para-diplomacy
Qualification: MA, M.Phil. & PhD

Dr. Prashanth Rao
Assistant Professor - SoC
Specialization: Finance 
Qualification: PhD., MBA, M. Com, PGDCA

Dr. Praveen Kumar Gandra
Assistant Professor - SoC
Specialization: Finance
Qualification: PhD., MBA, PGDMM

Dr. Raeesabegam Usmani
Assistant Professor
Specialization:- ELT, ESL, Travel Writing
Qualification: M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D

Dr. Rahul Maheshwari
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmaceutics, Nanoformulations
Qualification: M.Pharm, Ph.D, Postdoc I (NIPER-A) Postdoc II (NUS, Singapore)
World’s Top 2% Scientists by Sandford University

Dr. Rahul Koshti
Assistant Professor - STME
Qualification: Ph.D.(Wireless Communication)

Dr. Sachin Babasaheb Puri
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Qualification: M.S. (Pharm), Ph.D.

Dr. Sai Sailaja Bharatam
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Economics & Strategy
Qualification: MA, MPhil, PGDEE, PhD

Dr. Santosh U Yele
Associate Professor
Specialization: Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
Qualification: M.Pharm, PhD

Dr. Sasmita Misra
Assistant Professor
Specialization: HR
Qualification: M.A. (HRM), LLB, Ph. D.
Completed CPHRM by XLRI
National eligibility test conducted by UGC

M.Sheila Rani
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Company Law, Investments and securities law, Banking and Negotiable Law; Insurance Laws.
Qualification: LLM[Mercantile law], Pursuing Ph.D[Corporate Law]

Siddhi Mundra
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Law
Qualification: B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M. (Gold Medalist), UGC-NET

Dr. Manabhanjan Sahu
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Marketing Management
Qualification: Ph.D

Dr. Mohammed Shamiulla Arab
Professor & Associate Dean
Specialization: Criminal Law

Dr. Showkat Ahmad Busru
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Finance
Qualification: Ph.D., M.Com.,UGC NET., PGDCA.

Dr. Shweta Dixit Kadam
Associate Professor
Specialization: Quantitative Techniques
Qualification: Ph.D., PGDIRM, MSc-Statistics

Dr. Soumyajit Seth.
Assistant Professor in Physics.
Nonlinear Dynamics and Bifurcations.
M.Sc. in Physics (The University of Burdwan), Ph.D. in Physics (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata)

Dr. Sreeramulu Gosikonda
Assistant Professor (Sociology)
Qualification: M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., UGC-NET

Dr Suneetha Devi Sistla
Assistant Professor – Marketing
Qualification: MBA(Marketing), LLM (Corporate Law), Ph.D.

Dr. Surendar Gade
Assistant Professor - SoC
Specialization: Finance & Accounting
Qualification: PhD., M.Com., M.B.A., Post-Doctoral Fellow (UGC)

Mr. Surya Neeragatti
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Marketing and Technology Management
Qualification: MBA, B.Tech

Mr. Tarun Yadav
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Criminal & Security Law
Qualification: LLM, LB.A. LL.B ,NET

Dr. Umakanta Nayak
Associate Professor
Specialization: HR
Qualification: Ph.D

Dr. Vengalarao Pachava
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Business Analytics
Qualification: MBA and PhD in Management

Dr. V Vidyasagar
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations

Dr.Vijay Chidrawar
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmacology
Qualification: M. Pharm, Ph.D.

Dr. Vishnu N. Badavath
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Qualification: M.S. (NIPER), Ph.D (BIT), Post-doc (Israel)

Ms. Wasiha Tasneem
Assistant Professorr
Specialization: Software Engineering
Qualification: B.E (Information Technology), M.Tech (Software Engineering)

Dr. Y L N Kumar
Associate Professor
Specialization: HR
Qualification: MBA, Ph.D

Mr. Yogendra Jain
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Commercial Laws
Qualification: B.A.LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Sharon Blessy
Teaching Assistant
Specialization: M.Pharmacy(Pharmacology)
Qualification: Post graduation

Dr. S. Bharat Kumar Reddy
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmacology
Qualification: M. Pharm. Ph. D.
(ICMR - Senior Research Fellow; JSS Ooty)

Dr. S. Vidyasrilekha
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmaceutical Technology & Process Chemistry
Qualification: M. Tech (Pharma) (NIPER-H), Ph. D. (AICTE-National Doctoral Fellow)

Dr. D S N B K Prasanth
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmacognosy
Qualification: : M.Pharm, Ph.D

Mr. Penumala Prudhvi
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Regulatory Toxicology M.S Pharm. NIPER, Mohali, India

Vaishnavi Munnangi
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Pharmacology
Qualification: - M. Pharm., (Ph.D. Pursuing)

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