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Dr Sumit Kumar Jeswal

Assistant Professor, School of Science Applied Mathematics.
Areas of Specialization: Operations
Ph.D. in Mathematics


Experience -

Teaching Interests: Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Differential Equation.


Dr. Sumit Kumar Jeswal received his M.Sc. in Mathematics from Utkal University and M Tech in Computer Science and Data Processing from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Rourkela in 2020. He has authored/co-authored 1 book (In Press) and published 6 journal papers and 4 book chapters. His current research interests include artificial neural network, fuzzy set theory, interval analysis and applied mathematics.

Interest Areas

Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Set Theory, Interval Analysis, Numerical Analysis.

Research & Publications

Journal papers:

1.S. K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty. "Solving Transcendental Equation Using Artificial Neural Network.” AppliedSoft Computing, 73, 562-571, 2018. (SCIE) (IF: 5.472)

2.S. K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty. "Connection Model for solving Static Structural problems using Fuzzy parameters.” Applied Soft Computing, 78, 221-229, 2019. (SCIE) (IF: 5.472)

3.S. K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty. "Recent Developments and Applications in Quantum Neural Network: A review”.Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, 26(4), 793-807, 2019.(SCIE) (IF: 6.730)

4.S. K. Jeswaland S. Chakraverty, "Neural Network Approach for Solving Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems of Structural Dynamics”. Neural Computing and Applications, 32 (14), 10669-10677, 2020. (SCIE) (IF: 4.774)

5.S. K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty, "ANN Based Solution of Uncertain Linear Systems of Equations”, Neural Processing Letters, 51(2), 1957-1971, 2020. (SCIE) (IF: 2.891)

6.S. K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty, "Connectionist Model for Solving Diophantine Equation”, Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics, 23(4), 825-841, 2020. (Scopus) (IF: 0.37)

Book Chapter(s):

1.S.K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty, "ANN Based Solution of Static Structural Problem with Fuzzy Parameters”. Recent Advances in Applications of Computational and Fuzzy Mathematics, Edited by S. Chakraverty and S. Perera.Springer, Singapore (2018): 23-46. (ISBN 978-981-13-1153-6)

2. S.K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty, "Eigenvalue problems of structural dynamics using ANN”. Recent Trends in Wave Mechanics and Vibrations, Edited by S. Chakraverty and P. Biswas. Springer, Singapore (2020): 343-360. (ISBN 978-981-15-0287-3)

3.S. Mall, S.K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty, "Connectionist Learning Models for Application Problems Involving Differential and Integral Equations”.Mathematical Methods in Interdisciplinary Sciences, Edited by S. Chakraverty. Wiley, UK (2020): 1-22. (ISBN 978-1-119-58550-3)

4.S.K. Jeswaland S. Chakraverty, "Fuzzy eigenvalue problems of structural dynamics using ANN”. New Paradigms in Computational Modeling and Its Applications, Edited by S. Chakraverty.Elsevier, UK (2021): 145-160. (ISBN 978-0-12-822133-4)

5.S.K. Jeswaland S. Chakraverty, "ANN based technique for solving nonlinear eigenvalue problems of structural dynamics with fuzzy parameters”. Modeling and Computations in Vibration Problems, Edited by S. Chakraverty, F. Tornabene and J. N. Reddy. IOP. (Accepted)

Conference paper(s):

  1. S. Chakraverty and S.K. Jeswal, Quantum Neural Network: Recent Paradigm Connectionist Learning, InternationalConference on Computational Modeling &Simulation, University of Colombo,Sri Lanka,May 17-19, 2017.
  2. S.K. Jeswal and S. Chakraverty "Eigenvalue problems of structural dynamics using ANN”. 8th National Conference on Wave Mechanics and Vibrations (WMVC-2018), National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Odisha, India, Nov 26-28, 2018.


  1. S. Chakraverty and S.K. Jeswal, Applied Artificial Neural Network Methods for Engineers and Scientists: Solving Algebraic Equations. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore. (In Press).


  1. MHRD fellowship for pursuing M. Tech at IIT Kharagpur.
  2. MHRD fellowship for pursuing Ph.D. at NIT Rourkela.


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