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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Brucker, Temperature Stabilized DTGS detector enabled ATR.

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography System, Waters, PDA detector and EmPower software

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Shimadzu Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Model UV 1900i


Digital Polarimeter

Make: Perkin Elmer, USA; Model: 343

Cell Analyser, Nihon Kohden

Model: Erba, Germany





Single Channel Physiograph

Make: Medicaid, India


Biosafety Cabinet

Make: Thermo Fisher Scientific


Inverted Microscope

Make: Olympus


Tablet Compression Machine and Stainless Steel Trolley

Make: Karnavati Engineering Ltd., India

Model: Rimek Minipress 11MT

12 station D, B, BB Tooling,

Serial No.: 07007263


Fluid Bed Processor

Make: Pam Glatt, Model: Miniglatt,

Useful Volume Capacity: 200-750ml,

Batch Size: 100-350 gm,

Batch no.: MG09,

Sr. No.: 26M


Rapid Mixer Granulator

Make: Jaguar , General Machinary Co. Mum.

Model: 5-10Lit.GMP,

Sr. No: HSMG-06-08


Pharma R & D Coater

Make: Ideal Cures Pvt Ltd,

Model: Delux,

Serial No: IC0607084

Pan Size : 4”,6” & 8” ,

Working Capacity : 4”: 50-60 gm, 6”: 150-250gm, 8”: 250-500 gm


Multimill Make: Gansons Ltd.

Model: GMP/ Lab


Double Cone Blender Make: Gansons Ltd.

Model: GMP Lab,

Sr. No. : 138/7-2007,

STD Capacity: 15L

Working Capacity: 12 L


Bottle Washing & Brushing Machine

Make: Dolphin, India

Code No. : 1228

Model: GMP


Vacuum Filter Press

Make: Dolphin, India

Model: Filter Press

Capacity: 5 Ltr

Code: 1221-II


Lab Spray Dryer


Model: LU – 222 Advanced

Serial No. : SD – 1000/ L – 32/ 03 -12


Integrated Extruder & Spheronizer

Make : Umang Pharmatech P. Ltd., India

Model: UICE lab

Serial No.: 21


Air Compressor Machine

Make: Atlas Copco

Model: GX11FF

Maximum Capacity: 7.5 bar



Make: Tropical Nortech

Model: TNV2000

Serial No.: 07-2335


Hardness Tester (Monsanto hardness tester)

Make: Dolphin, India


Hot Air Ovens (12 trays)

Make: Dolphin, India


Vernier Caliper

Make: Mitutoyo

Model no: CD12” CS

Code no: 500-173-12’’

Measuring range: 0 to 300 mm


Electronic Weighing Balance

Make: Shimadzu, Japan

Model: AUX 220

Capacity:10 mg to 220 gm


Moisture Analyser Make: Contech Instruments Ltd.

Capacity: 5 gm to 60 gm


Reynold’s Apparatus Make: JP Tech.


Bernoulli’s, Venturi /Orifice Meter Make: JP Tech.


Mini Roll Compactor

Make: Rimek, Karnavati Engineering Ltd., India

Model: KMRC-100/25 GMP, WJ


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