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Faculty Development Programme

20th April 2012

On 20 April 2012, Faculty development Programme was jointly organized by NHRD (Hyderabad chapter) and NMIMS, Hyderabad on Teaching Methodology and Pedagogic tools at NMIMS Hyderabad campus.

Trainers comprised of learned dignitaries from the academia as well as from the industry. The following trainers conducted the programme:

  • Dr. B.Karunakar (Director, Hyderabad campus)
  • Prof Arun Periera ( Professor,ISB)
  • Dr Beena ( Professor , Osmania university)
  • NHRD team

The programme highlighted on the following major themes:

  • Dr. B. Karunakar presented how teachers are expected to take the responsibility of becoming a mentor. The role shift expected and the importance of teacher becoming a facilitator and guide to the students in their journey of life and career. He made it interesting by making it an interactive session.
  • Prof. Arun Pereira presented the views on having a flip class room and the modern technology which can create and enhance the class room learning. He gave the “AHA” CONCEPT.
  • Dr. Beena presented the importance of Research in a Teacher’s career and presented the UGC guidelines on funding various research projects. She emphasized on the dedication and commitment which is required as the key to undertake any research project.
  • NHRD team presented on the industry expectation on various Business schools and the need and importance of the teachers undertaking certain field study to enhance the learning process so that the gap between the industry and academia can be meted out.

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